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There are literally millions of Morris sites available through the Internet. We present just a few links that we especially like, arranged in no particular order.







Tom Keays  

Morris Dancing FAQ
This should always be your first stop when you are looking for further information on Morris matters (or for Morris Matters the journal, for that matter.) Tom has assembled and relentlessly maintains up-to-date lists on a wide variety of Morris topics.  
Tony Barrand  
The Digital Video Research Archive Collection of Morris, Sword, & Clog Dancing 
Tony Barrand's collection of films and videos of Morris, sword, and clog dancing has now all been digitized and made available online as streaming media.
The Library of Congress  
The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress
From their web site: "All of these images, sounds, written accounts, and a myriad more items of cultural documentation await researchers at the Center's Archive of Folk Culture, where over 4,000 collections, assembled over the years from "many workers" embody the very heart and soul of our national traditional life and the cultural life of communities from many regions of the world."
Jim Morgan &  
Tom Keays  
MDDL: The Morris Dancing Discussion List 
Are you a member of the largest online discussion mailing list dedicated to all things Morris? If not, please join. 
Roy Dommett &  
Nigel Sparks  
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes 
Although old, this site has many of Roy Dommett's Morris notes, including dance notation and music.
Paul Schwartz's Tune-O-Tron 
To quote Tom Keays in his FAQ (see above): "This site is run by Paul Schwartz as a information service to the worldwide concertina community. Paul's love is for the Anglo concertina (and Irish music) but the site is democratic and includes just about any kind of concertina and music. It includes a very active discussion forum, a buy and sell board, an abc music database, tutorials and references to instruction materials, and an extensive set of links." The Tune-O-Tron has more than 600 tunes, many of them Morris tunes, available in MIDI, abc, PDF, and sheet music format. 
Traditional Drama  
Research Group  
Folk Play Research Home Page 
One of the most remarkable online sites, replete with the text of folk plays (such as Pace Egging plays and Mummers' plays) and many, many photographs. At once scholarly, enthusiastic, and breathtaking in its scope and beauty, this site must be seen to be believed. Developed and maintained by the Traditional Drama Research Group at the University of Sheffield.
Rod Stradling, Editor  
Musical Traditions 
A fellow online magazine. The masthead says it all: The Magazine for Traditional Music Throughout the World. Wonderful articles, stuff to buy, and a model for all online magazines.



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