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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 28, Number 2
September 1, 2008

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 In Celebration of Morris in America  

Articles and Announcements

Image of Seneca Creek Sword from Gathersburg, MD

Longsword and Garland team
Seneca Creek Sword
Gaithersburg, MD

Tony Barrand  
Music Made Visible
Tony describes, and reprints, Maud Karpeles' article in E.F.D.S. News #1 entitled "The Relationship of Music and Dance".
Tony Barrand  
images of Garland Dancing in the DVRA
Tony describes garland dances in the DVRA archives.
Stephen Corrsin  
The Fifth Annual Sword Spectacular in York
Stephen describes the Sword Spectacular, held in York in the UK, May 23-26, 2008.
Graham Thomas  
Kay Burkin Remembered
Graham Thomas, of the influential group Vulcan's Hammer, writes about the passing of Kay Burkin, a friend to us all.
Mike Heaney  
An Introductory Bibliography on Morris Dancing
In 2006, Mike Heaney published his now classic bibliography of Morris Dancing information. Published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, it is now available online at the link above.
Audrey Goodman  
Ale'lection 2008 
The 2008 California Morris Ale, as describe in pictures.
Peter Millington  
Update on the Master Mummers' Website
Peter has been adding book reviews.
Lois Kohler  
The Wreckers Come to Town...
The Wreckers visit the Colonies, and happily arranged a tour...



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 I will publish one more issue for this year in December, 2008.
After that, I am taking a sabbatical from the tasks involved in publishing this magazine.
-- Andrew Bullen



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