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Pres. Kennedy greeting Berea College Dancers, 1963

The Berea College County Dancers greet President Kennedy 
on April 22, 1963. Present, among others, was May Gadd.

Photo by Stan Levy, New York

Welcome to the first online edition of the American Morris Newsletter! I am honored to be a part of the editorial team that will continue the proud traditions established by previous editors of the AMN. 

In addition to being the first online issue AND the first issue of the new editorial staff, we are also celebrating the 25th volume of the American Morris Newsletter.

We are celebrating throughout the year with a series of articles and photographs commemorating  Morris in America. 

Read more as I drone on endlessly...

Andrew Bullen
Executive Editor, American Morris Newsletter

Our current issue, Volume 25, Number 1


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The editorial staff of the American Morris Newsletter consists of Andrew Bullen, Executive Editor, Tom Keays, and Tim Radford, Editors.
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