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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 28, Number 3
December, 2008

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 In Celebration of Morris in America  

Articles and Announcements

Nora, Brian, and Santa::A Perfect End to a Year of Dance

Ivor Allsop  
Sleights Sword Dancers Go Walkabout
Ivor's account of his 1977 visit and conversation with one of the last Sleights sword dancers.
Kari Smith  
Tony Barrand is Presented With a CDSS Lifetime Achievement Award
Kari invites us all to a party to celebrate Tony's richly deserved CDSS Lifetime Achievement Award.
Tony Barrand  
The Early Days of E.F.D.S.
Tony describes, and reprints, Helen Kennedy [nee Karpeles] article in E.F.D.S. News #2, simply entitled "Early Days".
Tony Barrand  
The Reading Cloggies in the DVRA -- Part I
Clog dancing archives in the DVRA and the Reading Cloggies Festival.
Tony Barrand  
Sweet Chiming Bells
Tony sent us a (belated... sorry! My bad.) Christmas present of the words and music to the 1914 tune Sweet Chiming Bells.
Audrey Goodman  
Rising Phoenix Morris and Their Day of Dance, November, 2008
Audrey writes, "Thanks to our San Diego Morris friends for a wonderful day in their sunny city. I got to give my camera a workout!"
Jeff Bigler  
Playing Music for Morris Dancing
A wonderful article on the gentle art of playing for Morris musicians.
Peter Millington  
Update on the Master Mummers' Website
Peter always keeps us updated with what's going on on the Master Mummers' Website.
Stew Stryker  
The Dave Stryker Send a Youth to England Scholarship
In honor of Dave Stryker, his family and friends have set up a scholarship fund to send a young dancer to England. Here's how to apply...



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